Monday, June 23, 2008

We never knew how fun it was to roll rocks down mountains before we came to Peru. Honestly, its probably one of the best sports out there. Curling's got nothing on rock rolling.

You are probably feeling very confused right now. Here's the scoop. You find a rock (the bigger the better) and you push it.......and it rolls down the mountain and into the valley below... I know this doesnt sound too exciting, but the satisfaction you get from seeing that rock tumble down the mountainside is just great.

So, as you could have guessed, we climbed a mountain this week. Leo and Rachel were the only ones brave enough to come with us on our trek to the the highest peak in Manchay. It was really fun! Unfortunately, it was extremely foggy, and we couldnlt see anything below, but we made it to the top and thats all that matters. 1 Hour and 15 minutes (Eat that Javier!)

So work at the Cuna has been great. The Canadian work team left, so its only Eduardo, Tyler, Dave and us working on the cement. It looks like we'll finish up the cement columns before we go. Its a lot slower work without the 5 Canadian guys helping out. The whole team was really fun, and they will be missed.

So thanks for praying, guys.....We're still alive after jumping off the cliffs at Midaflores to go Parasailing. (In case you dont know what parasailing is, basically you strap a parachute to yourself and jump off a cliff. You fly around for a while and its really fun!) Definitely a great experience.

This Saturday, we got to tag along on a camping trip with the older boys from the home. Patty set the whole thing up. She was a missionary here for about 20 years and is now back visiting for a month. It was really cool to hang out with the boys on the beach. We had some great times playing soccer and hunting crabs (with sticks and fire)..... we probably should have hunted dogs to try to keep the population down, but whatever.

So our time here in Peru is coming to an end. We were under the false impression that we were leaving on Wednesday night (because someone cant read). It was like Christmas come early to find out that we're actually leaving Thursday night and will be back in the states on the 27th. Wahoo! one more day and we didn't even have to change our ticket!

So we hope all is well back in the States! Thanks for praying! This will probably be our last Peruvian blog (unless there is a sudden burst of creative ingenuity that needs an outlet), so thanks for faithfully reading this blog!

Chao Hermanos,

David y Juanito

P.S. Hey, does anyone know if we're doing a presentation about the trip this Sunday? We're sort of in the dark on this issue. We've heard some rumors buzzing around, but no solid information has crossed our desk.

Prayer Requests
  • Safe trip home.
  • Health (we both have colds, no biggie, but kinda annoying)
  • Permit issues for the new home property at Pachacamac

Monday, June 16, 2008

Muchos Frijoles

Got up this morning
at quarter to eight,
Had some bacon y huevos
on my plate.

Worked at the Cuna
for quite a while,
Got bit in the butt
by a cricodile.

///(Peru is crazy)

At the Cuna
We laid more concrete,
Poured 3 pillars with 5 guys,
What a great feat!

Over the past couple days
we have had some fun,
we even gave some horses
a little bit of a run.

///(seriously, we rode some horses and it was kinda crazy)

Dave almost fell off
when his jumped over a river
It was a little cold
And Flora's horse had a Shiver.

After the horse ride
we went to the football Game
Peru tied Colombia,
No win, what a shame.

If you go to the game
just make sure you don't riot
Theres police there
who wont let you try it

Had some people over
and games we did play
Our Canadian roomates were gone
so no one said "Eh?"

We even got to witness
a squatter invasion
Whats this in my stew Luz,
Is it a raisin?

Hey there Mary Beth,
This one's for you,
We spotted a few dogs on leashes
and the tally's up to Two!

This trip is real fun
but fun's not why we came,
We're here to serve Christ,
Approved workmen without shame.

He's the reason we're here
and the reason we live,
This month here is great
And the glory to him we give.

So farewell for tonight,
We hope your all well.
My computer's out of batteries,
Piece a crap, stupid Dell.

To all faithful readers, Dave and Jon cordially give their gratitude for your reading of this ultra-lame poem.

Prayer requests
  • Better rhyming skills (just kidding)
  • Javier's emigration paperwork to Canada.
  • Leo's mother's health.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Donde esta la biblioteca?

Buenas noches!

Here's a few terse phrases for those who want a quick update.

Peru = Awesome

Cement = Heavy

Comida = Muy Bien

Waterpark = Good times

Chicken Gizzards = No Bien

Hola = Hello

Guy Peeing on the side of the road = Socially Acceptable (A Veces)

Construction work = Massive Muschles!! (you have to say it in the Arnold voice)

So here's the long rundown for those who want it

(please proceed to the top of the page)


Just kidding!

So its pretty late, and we just finished laying the foundation for a huge building. Its pretty huge, if i didnt mention that before. Check out the pictures. So it took us about a day and a half to lay all that cement. Tough work, but good stuff. So far, no injuries. Work has been going smoothly. Great times of fellowship with the believers on the mission field.

Its really great to see how the Lord has his hand in stuff down here. There are so many people down here who are really excited to work for their Savior, and its really encouraging!

Yea, its late and we're tired...Keep praying though!

Juanito y Dave

Prayer Requests
  • New Baby they might get for the Home

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Week 1 Update

Que Pasa!

As you might have guessed, Peru is awesome! We've been working at the home and the Cuna for 4 days now. The first day we started out refinishing a sandbox and los columnos (swingset) at the children's home. It was pretty easy work to start out with, as time passed, we were given harder work (wahoo!). Yesterday and today, we worked at the Cuna (the day care center in Manchay). We leveled out a slab of land and compacted it in order to prepare it for cement.

Tuesday, we had the opportunity to lead the children's devotional time. We did a skit on the Good Samaritan, and it was truly a grand performance. Sadly, the film crew we payed to record it had last minute plans and could not make it. This magnificent piece of artistic talent is now only recorded in the minds of the immetiate viewers...... Haha, We basically made idiots out of ourselves trying to act out the Good Samaritan skit in front of the kids. It was fun, and i think they liked it! Dave did had some great spanish lines taking the role of "The Beaten Jew," like "Ayudame!" and "Ouch".

We finally got some roommates! A team of 8 Canadians came down from Cedarcreek Chapel and arrived at 2 in the morning at our apartment.......with no key. After pounding on the door and screaming our names for a solid 10 minutes, Dave woke up and went to the door. I, being a lazy and confused, chose to ignore it and went back to sleep. Good times in Peru.

Don't worry, we have managed to have a lot of fun here amidst all the work. We had the privilege of seeing the amazing new Indiana Jones film, and wow, I think I have a new favorite movie...... Seriously, it was pretty much basura (garbage). Oh well, fun times anyway.

Tonight, we played pool with Leo, Tyler, and Neilton. Leo, the guy all the way to the left in the picture, is actually amazing at pool. He schooled us all. Oh well!

Hasta Luego!

Juanito y David

We'll post some pictures soon...its too late and the computer's being annoying...

Prayer Requests
  • Diana and Mike just had a baby girl (Gabriella) this morning.
  • Pray for health the baby, Diana, and Mike (who just came down with the flu)
  • Pray for the Building Permit Issues
  • Pray for Safety on the job.
  • Pray for the new Mother's Program that recently started.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Vamos a Peru

Hola mis amigos!

Just a couple more pairs of socks to go and I will be all packed up for Peru. Yo estoy muy emotionado! (I am very excited). We're leaving Newark tomorrow at 2:55 and hopefully arriving at 9:47 in Lima. 7 hours and 52 minutes on a plane, Yikes!

God always provides. It is really awesome to see so many people helping Dave and I with this missions trip in so many ways, whether in words of encouragements, prayer, donations, or financial gifts. We know we have Christ on our side, but it is encouraging to see other believers behind us, too. So, THANKS TO ALL!

Just so you guys all know, I am pretty new with this whole blog thing. I am just setting up the website as I'm putting the last few items into my suitcase. I really dont know how many times a week Dave and I will update this page, but we will try not to forget about it. And hey, if we do forget about updating it, then I guess you will all have to talk to us and find out about the trip in person. I'll try to always end off with a prayer request. Thanks for reading!

Pray for saftey in travel.